What Is Uae Agreement with Israel

The UAE Agreement with Israel: An Overview

On August 13, 2020, a historic agreement was reached between the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Israel, known as the Abraham Accords. This agreement marked a substantial shift in the political and diplomatic relations between the two countries, as well as the wider Middle East region.

The UAE-Israel agreement is a bilateral agreement that aims to establish diplomatic and economic relationships between the two countries. It is named after Abraham, a figure revered in both Islam and Judaism. This agreement is considered a milestone in the peace process in the Middle East and has significant implications for the region`s stability and security.

What does the agreement entail?

Under the Abraham Accords, the UAE and Israel agreed to normalize diplomatic relations, including establishing embassies and exchanging ambassadors. The agreement also allows for direct flights between the two countries, as well as the opening of trade, tourism, and investment opportunities. This agreement will ultimately lead to the establishment of full diplomatic relations, making the UAE the third Arab country, after Egypt and Jordan, to have full diplomatic relations with Israel.

The agreement also includes the postponement of Israel’s annexation of the West Bank, which was a major source of tension and conflict between Israel and Palestine. The UAE’s decision to normalize relations with Israel has been criticized by the Palestinian Authority, which believes that the decision undermines their struggle for independence and their efforts to establish a sovereign Palestinian state.

What are the implications of the agreement?

The UAE-Israel agreement has significant implications not only for the UAE and Israel but for the whole Middle East region. It signals a shift in the traditional Arab-Israeli dynamic, which has been characterized by hostility and conflict for decades. The establishment of full diplomatic relations between the UAE and Israel could pave the way for other Arab countries to follow suit and potentially lead to a lasting peace in the region.

The agreement also has economic implications. The UAE and Israel are both regional economic powerhouses, and the establishment of diplomatic relations opens up trade and investment opportunities that could bring significant economic benefits to both countries. It also presents opportunities for economic cooperation on a wider scale, including joint ventures, technology sharing, and innovation.


The UAE-Israel agreement is a significant development in the Middle East region and has the potential to bring about lasting peace, stability, and prosperity. While there are concerns about the implications of the agreement on the Palestinian Authority and the wider region, there is hope that this agreement could be a turning point for the region`s future.